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  • Triple-Glazed: the insulated glass unit on an R5 window has three panes of glass
  • Krypton Gas Filled Between the Panes: Krypton has significantly better insulating qualities than Argon
  • Double Low-E glass: Low-E is on the exterior pane and the interior pane


Maximum energy efficiency is the true measure of window quality. The secret to the IntelliGlass high-performance glass package is its Intercept Spacer System flexible u-channel design. When temperatures flux, the spacer flexes, leaving the seal in tact.

The choice is clear

We install many types of windows such as slider, bay, architectural, casement, double hung, basement, picture, and awning types.

R5 Triple Pane High Efficiency Windows


  • Reduced heat loss in the winter, better than typical Energy Star or Low-E windows
  • Potential for significant reduction in energy costs
  • Moderate to significant reduction in noise levels compared to double pane windows

ClimaGuard Energy Efficiency

Since intensity of the sun varies from location to location, ClimaGuard Enhanced Solar Control Low-E Glass comes in a variety of formulations, each one matched to meet the energy and comfort requirements of a specific region or climate.